Betting on sports: useful tips for beginners

Betting on sports: useful tips for beginners

Many sports fans are really good at predicting the results of matches. But in practice it turns out that, despite this talent, they lose more often than they win. The reason lies in the fact that such bettors miss important points.

To make it easier for you to make the right decisions, we have prepared a collection of useful tips on how to bet correctly on sports.

Use welcome bonuses and promo codes

The first important tip when placing bets is the welcome bonuses. You can take advantage of them if you sign up with top bookmakers. These bonuses vary in form, value, turnover requirements, minimum deposits and other metrics:

Welcome BonusAdditional money to the deposit
No risk bettingA promotion for newcomers: if their bet did not play, the bookmaker returns the money spent.
FreebetsBetting for the bookie’s money.
CashbackRefund of interest on the amount spent.
Bet of the dayBets on the top matches with more favorable conditions.
Loyalty ProgramMoney and gifts for regular customers.

Keep a betting diary

If you want to increase your efficiency, keep a diary of wins and losses. The best way to do this is to create a spreadsheet in Excel, and record the coupons you win. In the fields specify the following information:

  • bet amount;
  • Bet parameters (type, odds);
  • how you made the decision, what strategy you used;
  • what information you used (analysis, expert predictions, etc.);
  • what was the result (win or loss);
  • your comments on the event.

Thanks to this, over time you will get a real collection of knowledge, with the help of which you can correct your mistakes and become a better player. Above all, however, with the help of the diary you will be able to control your budget, monitor the balance of profits and losses.

Learn how to calculate outbidding bets

Calculating what’s called “value” is a skill that the best players use. An overweight bet happens in cases where the bookmaker has misjudged the odds of making a bet. How does this work in practice?

For example, when we want to bet on a soccer match, we choose a two-way bet on the number of goals, and the odds for the two options are as follows:

  • Under 2.5 goals – odds of 1.90 (50% chance)
  • More than 2.5 goals – odds 1.90 (50% chance)

According to the bookmaker, the probability of each option falling out is 50%. After careful analysis, you find out that the best forward of one team was injured in training. In turn, the second team’s central and wing defenders were disqualified. Taking these data into account, you come to the conclusion that the odds of the match being less than 2.5 goals is higher than the bookmaker’s calculations. Thus, a smaller bet has good value.

How do you calculate the odds percentage of a particular result according to the bookmakers? Here’s the formula:

% chance = 1 / odds X 100%. For example: 1 / 1,65 x 100% = 60,6%

Find a reliable source of statistics and do a thorough analysis.

Some bookmakers offer very detailed statistics to help you in your prediction. There are also online analytics sites with even more detailed data. Full access to them is often paid, but in return we get a great tool to increase our success.

But keep in mind this nuance. Statistics by themselves are important, but they don’t guarantee us victory. The key to winning is the skillful use of information. It should be properly analyzed and summarized. It is also advisable to use information from sports websites and portals, especially the latest news about injuries or the atmosphere in the team.

Analysis is the key to success in betting. Remember that the more information you get, the better your chances of winning.